The Bronze Bow Character Analysis

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In the novel The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Spear, Daniel, a poor boy, runs away from his abusive mentor and hides in the mountains. Daniel finds a group of outlaws he lives with and becomes the resident black smith. Daniel thinks his life is wonderful until one day when he is wandering around on the hills he sees two of his old friends, Joel and Malthace. Although Daniel enjoyed visiting with his friends, later he wishes he had not because now a small part of him misses his old life and his family. Throughout the course of the novel, Daniel develops in to a better person and shows everyone just how brave, faithful and loving he can be. Daniel is a very brave boy, in the beginning of the novel he works as an apprentice for a blacksmith named Amalek. Amalek was very mean to Daniel which is why he decided to be brave one night and to run away and live in the mountains with the outlaw Rosh and his men. One of the scariest things Daniel had to do was face his grandmother and sister after being away from them for so long. Although he was nervous in the beginning, he found the courage and faced both of them. When Daniel’s friend Joel is taken by the Roman solders, Daniel quickly assembles a group of men and rushes into battle, willing to do anything for his dear friend. He is indeed a very brave boy considering his age, many boys in today’s society would never…show more content…
Without Jesus in his life, Daniel lived his life in darkness until he learned to welcome Jesus into his heart. The Bronze Bow teaches many lessons that can help people to lead a better life. One thing it teaches is, it does not matter what occupation people hold, Jesus was a carpenter but He knew more about the scripture than Joel a scholar did. It shows that we should trust in God that He will help us not matter the situation, and no matter what, one should never lose faith in
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