The Bronze Bow Essay

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The Bronze Bow is a well written historical fiction novel by Elizabeth George Speare and my choice for the best book of the semester. Set in the time of Jesus in Galilee, the story follows Daniel as he begins his transformation from a bitter, hard-hearted, vengeful young man into a man of compassion and understanding for others. This book demonstrates that change is a process achieved over time and through experience. For Daniel, many of these experiences challenge his long-held beliefs and cause him to rethink his preconceived perceptions. Readers who contemplate Daniel’s story will find themselves wondering about their own prejudices and perspectives. Daniel’s change occurs because of the relationships he returns to or forms throughout the book. Daniel learns compassion, love, and mercy can bring an end to bitterness and hate.
The first relationship that brings a change to Daniel is with Samson, a
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One activity to engage children would be to discuss the Jewish holiday traditions such as lighting the menorah or the Passover Seder meal. Planning a simple Passover Seder and eating it while discussing the differences Daniel experienced in how meals were eaten at this grandmother’s home as opposed to how they ate at Josh and Thacia’s home would be an enjoyable learning activity.
Another activity to incorporate into reading The Bronze Bow would be to discuss how the bronze bow is a symbol that reflects an ideal for Daniel, Joel, and Thacia. Encouranging children create a personal motto and then design a symbol that reflects the motto could spark their imagination.
Making a Hebrew dictionary from the Hebrew words used in The Bronze Bow would be an activity that children could work on as they read the story. This would help with comprehension as they researched the words and noted them for future reference. For younger children, the dictionary could be illustrated with their own
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