The Brother Who Killed Doodle Analysis

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The narrator killed doodle effectually. The brother was egoistic and didn’t listen to Doodle when he wasn't eligible to work anymore. Doodle unpleasantly died because of his condition which was hard for him to cure because he was born with a condition that he could never walk. Doodle was born October 18 , 1911 and died in 1918 just before his seventh birthday. Doodle was born with a condition where he cannot walk, and was expected to die as an infant. But brother (narrator) pushed Doodle with a goal of getting him to walk before his first day of school. Brother pushed Doodle to do as much harsh things until he couldn't handle it anymore. Since Doodle was supposed to die as an infant he was already risking being alive for 5 more years and walking and running. As…show more content…
As well as discouragement like “ When Doodle was 5 years old , I was embarrassed of having Him as a brother” (paragraph 7, page 2) and “ man up it's just a dead bird” (paragraph 5, page 6) Brother was a witness in Doodles death, we don’t know if Doodle was struck by lightning But brother admitted leaving Doodle right before he died, “ he ran as fast as he could, leaving Doodle behind”(paragraph 4 page 6) and “ I heard Doodle, who had fallen behind , cry out , Brother!, brother! Don't leave me! Don't leave me!(paragraph 3, page 6). Judge I have to object That brother left his brother in the storm to save himself and left his brother there to die, until Doodle actually did die. Brother didn't intentionally kill his brother , ended up killing him on accident . He pushed Doodle to limits he couldn't reach, and Doodle ended up taking the consequence. Judge , neven Though Doodle was supposed to die as an infinite , Doodle still could have lived a couple more Years or even average
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