Summary Of John Flanagan's The Brotherband Chronicles

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The second book in John Flanagan’s series The Brotherband Chronicles is The Invaders. This book begins by reminding us of how the book prior had ended; the brotherband of “outcasts” had won the trials and contests they had to endure in order to win the entire competition. As a result of winning the competition as a whole, they were left to guard the most precious tower in their small town. The tower happened to hold the most sacred gem; the valuable gem washed up on shore years and years ago and has been protected by the town’s people, the guards, and the warriors ever since. Pirates had come to the town’s shore pretending to be a bunch of fisherman who had been in a ghastly storm that had destroyed their boat. Accordingly, the leader of the pirates, Zavac, had planned to steal the gem, the Andomal, on the exact night the teenage boys would be “guarding” the tower. All in all, for the pirates, that is a great plan; the easiest night of the year to thieve the most valuable possession. During the night in which the boys are protecting the Andomal, some of the boys happened to fall asleep. Consequently, Hal assumes nothing exciting would be occurring that night and nothing awful could happen if he silently slipped away for a few minutes to do a quick inspection on his boat, The…show more content…
The Invaders was admirable because of the depth of the character Thorn. Nobody in his world would have suspected that he was once an amazing warrior. The way the characters are brought to life is what really attracts me to this book as well as the author. I plan on reading the entire series as I love the writing John Flanagan has. He gives enough detail to show the reader what he is talking about, but also leaves enough to the imagination of the reader, which I thoroughly enjoy. I have not been disappointed in this series yet and I do not plan to be as it has been great so
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