The Bubonic Plague In Brazil

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The Bubonic plague has been the cause of some of the worst catastrophes of humankind (Dobson 8). During the 14th century, the Bubonic plague killed 75-200 million people, that is roughly the estimate of the entire population of Brazil today (Ukenholz). Beginning with the history of the Bubonic plague, throughout the world wide spread, and the unusual symptoms and treatments, the Bubonic plague was one of the worst diseases to cast its rath amongst the world. The history of the Bubonic plague is widespread and deadly. No one is certain as to where the Bubonic plague originated. There are a few theories as to where the disease started. One of the theories is that the Bubonic plague is believed to have started in Central Asia in the fourteenth …show more content…

Many people can die from the Bubonic plague if it is left untreated (Plague Occurs in U.S., But is Treatable). If the Bubonic plague is left untreated, it can kill up to sixty percent of its victims (Dobson 8). Eighty percent of infected persons die from the Bubonic plague (Benedictow). By the nineteenth century, The Bubonic plague had killed roughly 100,000 people (“Black Death”). When the Bubonic plague hit Marseilles, France, it killed 50,000 people (Dobson 16). Even with the Bubonic plague beginning in multiple continents and killing people all around the world, experts believe that one can acquire the disease from similar …show more content…

When a person becomes infected with the Bubonic plague, it can take multiple days for their body to portray the symptoms. Bubonic plague can not be spread from person to person. Yersinia Pestis could spread to other people who have come in close contact with an infected person (Plague Occurs in U.S., But is Treatable). The infection takes 3-5 days to mature in someone before they would show symptoms of the Bubonic plague (Benedictow). After 1-6 days after coming in contact with Yersinia Pestis, people would be at risk for developing pneumonic plague ( Plague Occurs in U.S., But is

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