The Bubonic Plague: The Negative Impacts Of The Mongols

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Genghis Khan was a feared Mongolian warrior that killed millions of people. He had led the Mongols into many battles between the 13th century and the 14th century(1206-1368). He had conquered many dynasties, but one of the most bloodiest was the attack on the swang and tang dynasty. The Mongols have stacked people 's skulls in piles and people have written of seeing the blood and fat in the streets of their enemies. This is a great example of why the Mongols had a negative impact on the world.

There have been many negative impacts on the world because of the Mongolians. One of the negatives is the Bubonic plague. The Bubonic plague was thought to have started from the Mongols. The Mongols used to throw rats and infected people who had the
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