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Luis Valdez in the play “The Buck Private”, the death of young men and their innocence in the Vietnam War. Valdez supports his claims by illustrating Johnny the protagonist, he joined the army because he wanted the respect and honor it gives. Valdez wants to inform young people the dangers and horrors of the Vietnam war in order to save young people's lives. Valdez writes in an informal tone for young people so they can make the right choice for their lives other than joining the army. Johnny’s a tragic hero because he strives to be a good person and to help others in need; Johnny enlisted in the Vietnam war to “better” his life. In the play people considered johnny as a good person because he helps his father out with the field. Johnny was only 8 years old when he started working like a man; therefore his father feels very proud of him for helping the family. For example, in scene three shows us how he helped out “pass, I already pick 20 trays, paapa”!(Valdez, page 631) That…show more content…
In this part of scene five Johnny’s little brother knows the sacrifice that Johnny has to do, and his brother wants to take his place in the Vietnam War and says he’s not afraid to die. Johnny told his father that it was an accident because Johnny new way he brother said that, this raised suspicions through the family. Johnny wants to show people that he cares for his little brother and hope he does good things in Johnny sets the example for people who care for their siblings, and want them to have better lives than their own. In conclusion Valdez wanted to entertain young adults and to show them the dangers and horrors of the Vietnam War. Young people in the 1960’s would have paid attention because it's talking about people their age. The play showed us what happens when young adults join the service without thinking about the violence and the death that will come to them when their
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