The Buck Private Character Analysis

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Since humans romanticize war, Death can strike any family. This is demonstrated in Luis Valdez, in the 1969 play,”The Buck Private” demonstrates that. Valdez supports hi argument by illustrating stock characters, by using death as a main character, and flashbacks show Johnny’s, the protagonist,reasons for enlisting to earn respect, and the consequences of his enlistment; his death.Valdez’s purpose is to entertain the audience and protest the Vietnam War so that the audience stops glamorizing war and starts recognizing its dangers. Valdez writes in a satirical tone for young adults. Johnny was young and irresponsibly drank heavily so, that makes him not be a tragic hero because his motives were not honorable since he had nothing better to do. Consequently, Johnny is a drunk…show more content…
Father states “He won’t amount to anything anyway. It’s better if he starts working with me now so that he can help the family.”(Valdez 631) Although Father state this about the younger brother, but it is also implying that this has happened to Johnny already . In conclusion, he would have amounted to nothing whether it be the military or life; he would have not been a tragic hero. Johnny is not a tragic hero because his “honorable” motives were not sincere. For example, Valdez states “He didn’t want to go and yet he did. It never crossed his mind to refuse.” (Valdez 637-638). This quote shows how his intentions were not to serve the country, but just to have something to do. This is not honorable. His motives do not make him a tragic hero. Although he died while serving his country, that does not make him hero. In conclusion, Valdez writes this play to entertain and to teach the audience the dangers of glamorizing war. Young people in the 1960’s would have responded in shock because of the realism of the play. This play is still relevant today since it can relate to any person. Due to the fact, that war will always be
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