The Buddhist Crisis 1963

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The Buddhist Crisis was about the suppression of the Buddhist religion in South Vietnam under the reign of Diem government that was Catholic. Diem region was with discrimination against Buddhist religion. People in South Vietnam was passed over for promotion for their career because they was not Catholic. Diem never repeal the laws that the French had put in place that Buddhist leaders had to required permission to do public events. Diem even dedicated South Vietnam to the Virgin Mary. When public events happen the Vatican flag was flown. Catholic village got most of the public spending. But war did not broke out between the two groups until May 1963. In May 1963, the celebration of Buddha’s birthday is when the war broke out. The government…show more content…
No one know if Diem had approved of the raids. The raids was marked as the beginning of the end of the Diem regime. The Americans congress could not sit back and allowed Diem’s actions against the Buddhist even more. The South Vietnamese generals send evidence to the Americans that Nhu was going to execute the Buddhist people he arrested and sell the independence of the South Vietnam. The United States told Diem if he does not get rid of Nhu then Diem will not have the support from the United Stated anymore. Diem was furious and he refuses to do want the the United States wanted. Diem try to discredit the Buddhist protest by saying that the :Pictures of the death of monk Quang Duc was fake. But no one will hear it. Diem and Nhu was view as Catholics that disrespect other people’s religion and majority of the citizen of South Vietnam were Buddhist. Diem did little to relieve the tension with the Buddhist leaders and Nhu add more tension between Diem and the people and the Americans. Diem regime was now totally disliked and he did not have the American 's support even more that regime was at it last end. Diem could have prevented this from happening if give the Buddhist what they wanted. He did not care about want was going on with the Buddhist and allowed Nhu to did what he wanted. In November of 1963, Diem and Nhu was assassinated and their regime was over in South
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