Leon Schlesinger's Bugs Bunny: An Animated Cartoon

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Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is an animated cartoon character that had been created by a Leon Schlesinger 's production which nowadays known as Warner Bros. The original voice bunny bugs cartoon is Mel Blanc, "Man of a Thousand Voices". Bugs Bunny also known in short film animation series namely Looney Tunes and Melodies Merrie produced by Warner Bros. at that time it was the golden age of animation in American. The popularity at that time make Bugs Bunny becomes cultural icon in American and also as Warner Bros Entertainment 's corporate mascot. Bugs Bunny is a rabbit that is grey in colour and a rabbit who is famous rudely, insouciant, and swindler. Apart from that, Bugs Bunny also love to say "Eh... What 's up, doc?" with the dialect that distinctive.
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Hare Hunt also gave Groucho Marx 's line rabbit that is famous, "Of course you realize, this means war!". The rabbit character really popular with audiences that Termite Terrace staff decided to use it more. According to Friz Freleng, Hardaway and Dalton, they decided to be dressed duck in rabbit suit. Besides that, white rabbit have oval head and body that unbalanced. He was a "rural buffon". He was strong, very funny foolishly, laugh hoarse. Blanc given to him with countryside voice. Rabbit return in Prest-O Change-O, directed by Chuck Jones, of which is his favourite rabbit Sham Fu Magician 's supernatural character. Two dogs, escape from local dogcatcher, enters the absent master house. They disturbing rabbit, but finally defeated by that greater than both dogs. Rabbit version is cold, elegant, and under control. He maintain laugh hoarse but instead keep…show more content…
The decision influenced by Thorson experience in designing hares. He had designed by Max Hare in Toby Tortoise Returns (1936). For Hardaway, Thorson created model sheet stated previously, by six pose rabbit that is different. Thorson sheet model is "fuzzy bunny comic song stereotype". He had pear-shaped body with outstanding rear. The face is flat and have large expressive eyes. He has long neck exaggerated, gloved with three fingers, big foot, and smile. The result have been influenced by Walt Disney Animation Studios tendency to attract animal in cute baby style. He had clear Disney influence, but looked like awkward merger nonfat and standardised by Max Hare from The Tortoise and Hare (1935), and round, soft hare from Little Hiawatha (1937). However, the Jones ' Elmer 's Candid Camera first rabbit fulfil Elmer Fudd, (1940). This time the rabbit looked like current Bugs, higher and with a face but maintain voice that is same that more primal. Elmer Camera Candid character design is also differs: highly and chubbier in face from modern model, although Arthur S. Bryan 's character voice already
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