The Bullet Was A Girl Analysis

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The author of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, once declared, “Never allow anyone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” In the poem “the bullet was a girl,” Danez Smith captures the effect of when one has lost love. Romance ends with a heartbreak and depression. The figurative language in the poem contributes a darker and deeper meaning to the poem. For example, the speaker metaphorically delineates his feelings, as “the bullet was a girl…” (4). The “bullet” has a negative connotation to it because it often is associated with gun violence, warfare, homicides, and death. The metaphor insinuates that the girl is hurting him on the inside because this literary device indicates the girl hurting him after they fell out of love. Moreover, the narrator describes a boy’s past situation by stating that “… his skin / was a boy with a sad laugh” (4-5). This “sad laugh” is an oxymoron that shows the boy appears…show more content…
For instance, the speaker has short bursts of exclamation in the phrases “oh da horror, oh what a shame” (14). The entire line in the poem, “oh da horror” is italicized to add feelings of disappointment, which is similar to the use of the modern-day term known as “Oh my God!” Shame is associated with lying, embarrassment, and cheating husbands, but in this context, it means a life is wasted because of its abrupt end. The concept of death is frightening because death comes unexpectedly. Furthermore, the author conjures further thoughts with the question: “why’d he do that to himself?” The question shows great importance because it is the only interrogative statement in the entire poem. The phrase “do that to himself” is of the utmost importance because it means he claimed his own life which would sadden those that knew him. Suicide is one of the many results of depression. Syntax creates points of focus on the most climatic and terrifying sections of the
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