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Tony Claxton from the, “The Bully” by Roger Dean Kiser is the character I chose to do an Analysis on. The Bully is about Roger and Tony who knew each other in 6th grade, but Tony used to be Rogers bully. Then they coincidently meet up again years later in a diner and Roger seems to have forgiven Roger for all the bad he has done to him. I chose Tony because I like the way he went from being a big bad malicious middle school bully to, an average guy in a wheel chair who is dependent on their wife and is regretful for all the things he used to do. Tony’s past hasn’t been the most innocent throughout his past life. He used to have a very depravity kind of personality in middle school. I know he used to not be the most present kid to be around, because of the way Roger remembers Tony, by his sixth grade bully name, Tony the Bull. Even though Tony used to be Rogers bully he still does not hesitate to help him out when he gets stuck in his aloof parking spot. Even though he used to have a bad past he seems to regret the things he has done. It is noticeable he feels this way because in his story The Bully, Kisser states “I Guess you’re thinking ‘what comes around goes around’, “he said, softly.” That quote shows that tony feels ashamed…show more content…
So later on in the story I believe that Tony will call Roger’s house number, and plan to hang out with him at a certain place or do some activities with him. Firstly, they would stop by the diner were they first met back up at and have lunch then decide what they are going to do. They would decide on something they could both do together like, just going back to Rogers house and playing a exuberance game of chess and checkers. Or they would end up also hanging out with Barbra also so she doesn’t feel left out and also so she wouldn’t be worried about her husband being out without
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