The Burden Of Family In Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

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What does one do when their family is struggling? In the novel The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, Jurgis provides not only for his family, but for anyone in need during hardship. He works hard so no one else has to and everyone can be happy. Even when a crisis comes up he finds a way. He takes care of the ones he loves and leaves no one out. Complete strangers can even benefit from him because he treats everyone with kindness. He had so little yet he gave so much.

Not everyone who immigrated to the New World had the American dream right away. Most had to work, some harder than others. Jurgis took the burden of the family onto his shoulders. He found and did everything possible to provide for himself and his family in hard times. Jurgis took on the lowliest jobs in Packingtown that required the most work with little pay. While doing backbreaking work twenty-four
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In the beginning of the book when him and Ona were having their wedding feast, he invited hungry strangers to join. He didn't want anyone to starve, even though they could barely afford the feast for themselves. At the end of the book when he thought he had nothing else to live for he discovered a group called the socialist party. He then became the leader of it and united workers across the nation to make for better conditions. Jurgis had found something he cared about and stuck with it.

From the very start of the novel Jurgis was a very caring person. Jurgis took pride in helping other people and always found a way to do it. He provided everything for his family such as support, money and protection from the horrors that his family encountered in Packingtown. Jurgis and Ona immigrated to America hoping for a better life but instead ran in to struggle after struggle. By the end of the book Jurgis had been through a rocky life and sometimes didn't make the best decisions but he always enough compassion to come out a better
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