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The film is set in 1954, in the USA. The film begins focusing on Ray Kroc a salesman who has become a hustler, chasing down every opportunity where he sees a quick profit could be potentially made. All of his hustling has left him in a bad place among certain groups of people, often with him being known as a laughing stock as most of his products are less than useful. Although it has also got him a nice home which he shares with his wife, Ethel, in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Despite this, Ethel is unhappy as Ray is often on the road looking to make a sale. The film follows him as he tries to sell a five-spindle milkshake machine for Price Castle. He travels around to all the drive ins looking to
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Creativity and problem solving is relevant with these challenges as it can bring new and unique solutions to old problems. I believe McDonald’s can use three good problem solving techniques to bring about solutions. The first one is a “pros and cons chart”, this is a simple technique where a table is drawn up, with two titles, “pros” and “cons”. The pros and cons of the decision will be brain stormed and put under their respective titles, the title with the highest score after the brainstorming will be the decision. For example, using the “pros and cons” chart to solve their bad food image.
Problem: (Bad food image), changing suppliers.
Pros Cons
Better public image Losing a long term business partner
Healthier ingredients Ingredients may taste different to what customers are used to
Fresh start with suppliers
Opportunity to get better prices on food In this case, changing suppliers would be the winning
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The Delphi technique is a problem solving technique where you do not need to be in the same room to brainstorm ideas. For example using skype, E-mails or anonymous questionnaires. This can be used for the lack of flexibility challenge, an anonymous questionnaire can be sent to all of McDonald’s franchise owners to determine if all franchises are onboard with the, “Build your burger” solution and if not, they can suggest a possible solution. For the last challenge I would suggest the ‘DRIVE Technique’. This stands for Define; define the problem. ( slow service at drive throughs ) Review; get to the crux of the problem and find out why there is this problem. Identify; get to the bottom of the real problem and come up with possible solutions. For example, change how people order at drive-throughs by letting people use their smart phones to place orders and have a separate collection window. Verify; verify that solving the problem will achieve the end goal. Lastly, Execute; execute the plan and later evaluate whether the issue is
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