The Burka And The Bikini Analysis

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Terrorist Media “The Burka and the Bikini” an essay by Brumberg and Jackson argues women in today’s world live damaged in various ways by the culture in which they exist. The writers’ state, “covered or uncovered, the homefront choice is not about morality but the physical and emotional health of future generations” (Brumberg 195). Culturally speaking, whether or not you wear a burka or a bikini the writers feel women can be negatively impacted. They support their claim that women remain adversely changed by their nation in a couple of ways. Of which includes gearing this piece towards an anti-terrorist audience, whose sympathy make them easily persuaded. However, a few claims seem irrelevant and quite a few have a lack of depth, and they…show more content…
“The burka and the bikini represent opposite ends of the political spectrum but each can exert a noose-like grip on the psyche and physical health of girls and women” (Brumberg 195). Women being damaged by the media and their surroundings happened to be the underlying issue yet the writers bring in politics instead of other cultures. They discuss terrorism instead of ways to stop it from happening. I understand with the war on terrorism the authors attempt to get their message to linger with their audience, they employ the Taliban as an example which, appeared to be an effective tool. Utmost, they don’t offer the opposition a voice to tell its side of things. As a substitute, they used terrorism in their argument which they could have exploited as a means in emphasizing how people should see American media as terrorists against women, in my opinion this could have been an improvement without changing the context of this essay. With that in mind, I was swayed to the notion of actions being taken against our poor treatment of women worldwide. That remained a well-written composition with a worthy message, although not a two-sided argument, it acceptably expressed the emotion of such a
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