The Bus A Modern Panacea Analysis

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How do you travel in the Bay Area? Have you ever worried and stressed out about catching a bus or train, and how many times did it come late or you missed it? According to the article "The Bus, a Modern Panacea," Lester Detroit argues that people should stop their individual car driving lifestyle, and shift to public transportation since it is the "cure-all solution" for many local and global environmental issues. Detroit claims that mass transit is convenient for students and saves them money. Besides, Detroit suggests public transit for reducing traffic congestion and decreasing oil consumption. Even though Detroit 's points are considerable, I strongly disagree with his argument. Detroit made a huge mistake when he assumed that the bus is the "cure-all solution" because it causes more issues than it solves such as wasting time, providing…show more content…
"A car is freedom on four wheels," as Zane argues in his article "Cars represent America Freedom." Public transportation takes away your freedom. You will feel more likely limited to do what you can usually do while driving your personal vehicle. For example, you cannot listen to the radio or music loud through speakers in a bus, but you can if you are riding a personal automobile. Moreover, you feel more relaxed riding a car than a bus. Since buses stops and seats can be harmful, you will be forced to stand on your whole trip while you can freely set and relax in your healthy vehicle. Therefore, we should ride cars more often. Public transportation is not "cure-all solution" as Lester Detroit claims. However, It is a cause for some issues. It is an unhealthy way of traveling, and it is time-consuming. Also, you would not feel free as riding an individual vehicle. As long as the public transit system is not evolved, we should consider stop utilizing it. Try to walk, drive, ride a motorcycle, or a bike till the authorities consider our values and Improve its public transit system to make it almost "cure-all
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