Andy's Restaurant Business Plan

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Business Model(Andy’s Restaurant)
Andy’s Restaurant is gonna be a successful business because there are not many healthy in England. This will Grab the market share. With busy agendas nowadays, people don’t have much time for cooking and preparing their favorite dishes and meals. Having healthy fast food restaurants as an option, they can save their time and do other favorite activities while still enjoying the healthy food. The market for ready-to-eat foods is constantly growing and this gives a chance for growth and a capture of a bigger market share.

Finance Partners
Who provide financial support for investment, purchasing raw materials, maintenance cost etc. Decision committee
It is Main Staff of Company Who Takes Major decisions about company.
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It is a channel which connects product to the consumers.
It is most used media now days. Company can advertise their product information by internet media. Or providing information by their own website.
Promotion Activities
Company can do promotion activities like social functions, social activities so consumers aware about company.
(The restaurant will offer the service and there will be a webpage in which customers will be able to choose their meals and have the option to pick it up.)

People with a medium and high economic level who want to eat healthy and like to have a good glass of wine.

It is cost to pay all the staff of company.
Maintenance cost
Marketing Cost
It is cost used to marketing and advertisement of product.
Internet Facility
It is extra cost for internet facility provided by company to all employees.
Gifts And Schemes Cost
It is cost used in discounts or to provide gifts with the product to attract the customers.
Electricity Bill
It is cost of electricity bill of company equipments, machinery, office etc.

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