The Butter Battle Analysis

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The Butter Battle Book is a book written by Dr.Seuss. It expresses the meaning for the [capitalization error] cold war during the 1950’s and how they would compare their weapons untill one side was better than the other. It shows how it was meaningless to keep on making nuclear weapons just to be better than the other [run-on sentence] and in this they are talking about the U.S. and the Soviet Union. This is one of the many good satire books he has written [run-on sentence] and that 's why he is so popular. This author best used writing craft to convey meaning is by using parody, metaphor, and exaggeration. Dr. Seuss’ use of parody helps to convey his meaning clearly. In the book it states “ But our leader just smiled. He said, “ You’re not to blame. And those Zooks will be sorry they started this game. “We’ll dress you right up in a fancier suit! We’ll give you a fancier slingshot to shoot!” The author is trying to show that everything that happens is the others fault and is making fun of it by saying that he gets a better weapon and a better suit .Then he will win but he never actually used the weapons. The book states “Grandpa leapt up that Wall with a lopulous leap and he cleared his harse throat with a bopulous beep. He screamed, “Here’s the end of that terrible town full of Zooks who eat bread with the butter side down!” This was written to show how over exaggerated the Cold War was.They fought over who was right and each side wanted to get rid of the other…show more content…
Seuss is one of the good writers that help show some of the many problems in the world. When this book was written at the time the cold war was going on and this book is the satire of what was going on. It shows how the cold war was fought by indirect contact. The book show how they did not actually use the weapons and they just tried to have better ones then the other side. His use of metaphors, parody, and exaggeration are great choices that clearly reveal this war was to see who was the
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