The Butterflies Character Analysis

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Four beautiful Dominican heroines known as the Butterflies make a big change on the world for women. “Each represent courage, love, and sacrifice”. The Butterflies bravely went against their ruler Trujillo and went through a lot of troubles. One of the four Butterflies whom were the bravest is Minerva. Minerva was the oldest, and wanted to go to law school. She was responsible, smart, pretty, caring, and like to be fair. Minerva felt trapped and wanted freedom, but did not know what she was fully getting into. Minerva joined a school and went to Inmaculada Concepcion, where she meet Sinita. Sinita was a young girl who Minerva was friends with, she did not like Trujillo and had secrets about Trujillo. Sinita told Minerva her secret and it was that Trujillo killed her 3 uncles and he is not who he seems to be, after that Minerva did not like Trujillo anymore. But one girl caught both Minerva and Sinita’s eye , Lina lovaton, she had a beautiful voice and sang in the choir. Lina was a role model to the young ladies. Unfortunately Trujillo found Lina attractive and bought her gifts, the Nuns were getting suspicious. Trujillo got Lina pregnant and moved her into a mansion all by herself in Miami. Minerva arrived back home and was curious…show more content…
Trujillo specially wanted Minerva to be there. Her parents and sisters were concerned, Trujillo tried to make a move on Minerva and she slapped him. Minerva’s family decided to leave early even though they weren’t allowed. The next day Trujillo’s crew shown up at the Mirabal families house and took the father to prison and Minerva for questioning. She was questioned about Leo’s letters and the father was in prison for 3 weeks due to leaving the party early. When Minerva’s father was released he acted very odd, he had an heart attack and eventually died. Trujillo felt bad so he sent Minerva to law school.She graduated but did not receive her
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