The Butterflies Thesis

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In The Time of The Butterflies Final Essay A person’s life can completely change in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s for the better or for the worst. For these four sisters it was the worst. The Mirabal sisters were on top of the world when it began to crumble from beneath their feet. Soon, they would lose everything, including each other. Maria Teresa Mirabal, a young girl living in the Dominican Republic is eager as ever to grow up. Maria Teresa wanted to go to the Christian Boarding School alongside her sisters. She begged and begged Mama and Papa to let her go. They wouldn’t budge and were only getting frustrated with Mate (Maria Teresa’s nickname). One day Mate put up a good argument and suddenly the tides were changing and Papa…show more content…
Jaimito was very abusive and ruled Dede’s life. He screamed at Dede, pushed her around, and hit her. Dede’s sisters were out making a significant and dignifying change in their country and all Dede wanted was to be a part of it. Dede finally decided she had had enough and went completely behind her abusive husbands back and joined the revolution. Her sisters denied letting her in, and Dede grew more and more frustrated with her sisters for joining the revolution. Soon she would finally to her senses and realized the true dangers of the revolution. A violent, merciless, and just all out cruel man backed by an entire army was after Dede’s sisters. The Mirabal sisters were the most wanted people in the entire Dominican Republic and had barely any weapons to defend themselves. Dede was losing her mind worrying sick about her sisters and one night screamed at Minerva for joining the revolution. One day Minerva, Patria, Maria Teresa and their driver Rufino were on their way to visit Minerva and Mates’ husbands in prison. They ended up chasing a truck when they were seized. The sisters and Rufino were beaten to death and their bodies were loaded into the Jeep. The Jeep was then pushed off the edge of the cliff. One minute Dede was yelling at her sisters the next Dede was wishing she could’ve saved them. Dede still, to this day, wonders what would’ve happened if she had joined the revolution. Could she have saved them? Or would she had been killed too, and sitting at the bottom of that cliff with them. Dede lost everything in the blink of an
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