The Butterfly Dream: Story Of The Butterfly Dream

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Butterfly Dream Once an old croon prophesied that Satan would one day rule earth, if only he could have all the angels in heaven. She of course was old and grey, and because of her fraying mind, liked to shout her belief from her rooftop. This landed her burning at the stake, her prophecy the only thing remaining. No one believed it. And so, the mortals lived on, ignorant of the world above, and below them. A little girl was then born centuries later with the unique talent of catching butterflies. “It’s her golden hair the bugs love!” her mother always said. “No, it’s that honey scent of hers!” her father always responded. “No no no, it’s her lovely singing voice!” her grandmother always barked. “Fools, all of you!” her grandfather always declared. “It’s her very nimble hands!” No one quite knew what made the little girl so good at catching butterflies, and nothing else. The poor girl was what many would call dumb, having no ability to read, write, or think for herself, and even putting it like that was a euphemism. But no one judged her, teased her, or loved her less, for she was such a lovely little girl with the very special ability to catch butterflies. Her father had a friend who was of close acquaintance to the family, and he heard their bickering quite often upon the subject of why the little girl was so good at catching butterflies. Therefore, he decided to ask her. “Why are you so good at catching butterflies?” he asked. “They are white!” the little girl had

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