Passive Memory

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a common history and habits, which can also be seen as a form of memory. Aleida Assmann categorized the different modes of memory (“ Introduction to Cultural Studies: Topics, Concepts, Issues” 169-177). There is active and passive memory. Active memory is always the act of trying to remember something, in which the person trying is the subject of the recollection. Passive memory makes the person the object of the memory. These memories are triggered through sounds, scents, tastes and other sensual impulses and are normally saved in the subconsciousness. Active memory aligns with the self-image, the identity, of a person while it is deliberately reconstructed (170). Passive memory can never be grasped in its entirety and does not change according…show more content…
The main protagonist, Evan, had blackouts as a kid. The events in these blackouts change drastically the way Evan lives his future life, so most of the blackouts are turning points. He can revisit them through his power and relive the short episodes of his life. The power can be compared to time-travel, Evan keeps all his memories while traveling through time. The revisits only last some minutes, which is enough to change the course of his whole life. After these events his life fast-forwards to his original present, adjusting his life according to the decisions he made as…show more content…
They are illustrated through sudden cuts, changing suddenly the location or the view. The cuts are accompanied with a loud thump, sounding like a deep cutting noise. The music after such a cut is unnerving, the sounds start slowly fading in. These effects help the viewer to emphasize with Evan after one of his memory losses, because the feeling of disorientation and panic gets transferred. The first times he visits each turning points, he has to navigate and orient himself while he gets reminded of the situations and his childhood friends. This is a good representation of passive memory working its way back into consciousness, because Evan starts to remember parts of the past bit by bit. The big difference in of each path also comes in to play. The sudden identity change is very hard for him, often times he can not deal with the new reality because it switched so fast. Normal personality changes happen gradually and need a lot of time, but Evan's happen in an instant. He has no time and opportunity to grow into his new role, which is the reason why every alternate reality ends with him in a misery state. It is like a shock, forcing him to abandon his rapidly changing identities, until he gradually loses his self-image, only staying alive to save his friends. In an alternate ending, Evan travels back to the time before he was born and strangles himself with his umbilical cord and dies, erasing his life out if

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