The Bystander Effect By Leonard Pitts

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The tile of the article that I have chosen is “Courageous or spineless? Our actions -- or inactions -- decide for us”. This article is written by Leonard Pitts, Jr. Leonard Garvey Pitts, Jr. (born October 11, 1957) is an American commentator, journalist and novelist. He is a nationally-syndicated columnist and winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. He was originally hired by the Miami Herald to critique music, but within a few years he received his own column in which he dealt extensively with race, politics, and culture. The purpose of author to write this article is to reflect the public reaction toward crimes nowadays. Every day when we open the newspapers, sure there will be at least one article that is about criminal case.…show more content…
“The bystander effect.” Author used this term to describe public. When there were emergency situation occur the first thing that fall into their minds were watched with folded arms. They will observe others reaction and followed. If one of them stood up and voiced out, they will do the same things too. In third paragraph, author said “It is a definition that manages to explain everything without explaining anything, to clear things up without remotely satisfying.” This sentence is used to describe the bystander effect that mentioned by author in second paragraph. It means that, when we see the word, we know that what does it means. Therefore it helped the author to explain what he wanted to say in the next content to the reader. It also cleared the doubt of reader about this article. I support to the way author present out his mind. He used artistic conception to describe the public’s action. This is a very sagacious way to attract the readers’…show more content…
In this article, author had inserted a few real incidents. This make the whole article become more interesting and attract readers to read it further. The examples in the article are real incidents, and these examples are used as evidence to support his opinion. This gives rise to a pertinence article. This article is very excellent because the word that the author uses is accurate and touches the point. In some paragraph, the author will give his own opinion. His opinions are straight to the point. We can understand what he tries to tell us through his word. From some specific words, we can also feel the state of mind of author, whether he is angry, happy or sad. One of the wonderful parts of this article is the question that asked by author. He used a different technique to attract the readers mind. He makes the readers become more awareness and care. Moreover, the way he presents this article is very attractive. It has a power to attract readers to continue read this article until finish. This article can go into the deep of readers’ minds for a period of time. This article is very nice because it can give awareness to
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