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The Byzantine Empire was one of the most long lasting empires, lasting almost as long as its parent civilization, the Roman Empire. The Byzantine Empire is very similar to its parent civilization, but ultimately fails in its main goal throughout its history: To restore the Roman Empire. The elements of the Byzantine Empire that are the will discussed are the terrain, the climate, and lastly, the culture. All these things are the foundation of any civilization, and are key to understanding its history and accomplishments.

The Byzantine Empire covered a vast expanse of land, starting in the northwest coast of Africa at 38.996 degrees west, and extends to the edge of the middle east at 7.092 degrees east. In the north, the empire extended to
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However, most of the urban regions of the empire were in the balkans (mainly Greece) such as Athens, Thebes, etc. Also, the Balkans are a good place for herding. The Asia Minor part of the empire consists mainly of flat plateaus. The Anatolian region is very susceptible to earthquakes, and a diverse amount of climates. The North African/Southern European section of empire had by far the most fertile land, with Egypt being the most fertile part of the North African land because of the Nile River. Throughout the history of the Byzantine Empire, Egypt provided most of the food for the empire, which allowed Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, to be the most populous city the known world at the time. After the region was lost to Muslim invaders, the population of empire decreased…show more content…
It’s people were there from previous that were either brought under Roman or Greek rule previously. After the western half of the empire fell, the more prosperous eastern half continued on. For a while, the Byzantine Empire had mainly Roman culture, however over time it developed its own culture, adopting from Medieval European nations, Greek and Roman cultures. The religion of Empire was always Christianity, mainly Orthodox. The main language of the empire changed halfway through its lifespan, from Latin to Greek in 610

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