CAGE Questionnaire Essay

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In the addictions field, there are several forms of assessments that could potentially be used. For this particular assignment, I have chosen the CAGE Questionnaire, the AUDIT, and the Beck Depression Inventory, also referred to as the BDI. Two of the particular assessments offer insight into an individual’s alcohol addiction. Whereas, the third is used analyze intensity, severity, and depth of the client’s depression.
Assessment 1- CAGE Questionnaire
The CAGE questionnaire is a simple four-question item response. Higher scores indicate a greater influence of alcohol addiction. The four questions consist of the following:
• Have you ever felt you should Cut down on your drinking? (Cut down)
• Have people Annoyed you by criticizing your drinking? (Annoyed)
• Have
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“Alcohol misuse continues to pose a public health threat at colleges and universities across the United States” (Taylor et al., 2016). Alcohol consumption can cause hardships within families, failing academics, and lead to an increase in risky behaviors (Demirbas, 2015). “Alcohol is the most experimented, repeatedly used, and abused substance, and its use typically peaks during young adulthood” (Demirbas, 2015). The CAGE has been used in several research studies. Throughout my research, I focused on two specific articles that used the CAGE. In Demirbas’ study, he conducted a Substance and Alcohol study of young adults in Turkey (2015). Whereas, the other study used the CAGE for alcohol screening college students (Taylor et al., 2016). Both of the studies used the CAGE; however, each used it in a different way. The first study conducted by Demirbas in Turkey used the CAGE to determine drinking problems along with the variables that are associated with problematic drinking (Demirbas, 2015). Turkey falls geographically
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