Value Configuration Perspective

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1.3 Analysis
From a business perspective, a CRM system is an important instrument for creating value for the firm, as it potentially can affect several of the most core business processes in an organization. Business processes are the collection of activities required to produce a product or a service. These activities are supported by flows of material, information, and the knowledge among the participants in business processes . This is best visualized as a flowchart of a sequence of activities with interleaving decision points. There are three types of business processes; management processes (corporate governance and strategy), operational processes (core business which creates the primary value stream) and supporting processes (accounting,
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We believe that this is possible by giving the organization correct training, in additional to a continued development of CRM with more flexibility of using (apps, speak recognition, connection to external sources, becoming more like a “social media” platform) as well as systems including algorithms which will help the business to extract information for value creation purposes.
As several issues with current version of SuperOffice CRM and systems alike have been identified, we have looked at the strategic options above from a value configuration perspective. In business it is important to reach for sustainable competitive advantages and in software development it is not different. A close interaction with end customers is important to be able to continue development at a speed and direction that makes competitive advantages possible. Targeting user-friendliness and focus on extracting valuable information from the CRM may give SuperOffice a rare, inimitable and non-substitutable offering. The business objective for the developer of SuperOffice is to increase market share, increase sales and profitability by offering a products
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User-friendliness will focus on “look and feel” improvements in the way of making a system more like modern social media lay-out for tracking of events (calls, meetings etc.) and communication (e-mail, chat, etc.). Increased ease of updating and better follow-up lays the foundation for increase value creation from analyzing data in the CRM system. This part will focus on how a better integration with Microsoft Excel for direct extraction and manipulation of data will enhance analysis and reporting for strategic

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