The CSI Effect

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What is the CSI Effect? The CSI Effect is when forensics science is miss portrayed on a crime television show such as, the “CSI”, which influences the viewers perception on forensics. Many believe that the CSI Effect is real. First off, the CSI Effect leaves the viewers to believe a crime scene takes little time, and not that many people for the case to be solved. Second, the CSI Effect can lead criminals to hide their crime by making forensics’ evidence harder to find. Thirdly, the CSI effect falsely advertises how the evidence found can make a impact on the case.

The CSI Effect lets the viewers to believe that a crime scene investigation takes a small amount of time and people in order for the case to be closed. In the article “Is forensic
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In the article, “ The CSI Effect: TV Crime Dramas’ Impact on Real Life Cases” By Madeline Anderson says that “ Criminals may be influenced by the content on such shows to try and take steps to conceal crimes and make forensic evidence harder to uncover and use.” This shows that these television shows may influence criminals to take part in hiding anything that would lead them back to the crime. Anderson also states that “ ..the CSI Effect should be a cause for concern, making it advisable to censor or alter the material presented in crime dramas to avoid giving criminals ideas.” This shows that these crime dramas should have less of the evidence that would given in a case in order to protect future criminal cases to be tampered…show more content…
In the article “ The CSI Effect: TV Crime Dramas’ Impact on Real Life Cases” by Madeline Anderson states “ People who regularly view such shows can come away with specific ideas about the reliability and integrity of forensic evidence.” This represents that these shows give the wrong impression to the viewers on forensic evidence. Anderson as well says “ These ideas may lead jurors to except to see more forensic evidence in trials or to weigh such evidence more heavily than they would otherwise.” This shows that everything in the TV shows related the crime dramas, evidence wise there is a limit for how much the evidence can do in the actually case or in the court. Anderson states that “ It can also create false sense of confidence when it comes to understanding such evidence..” This shows that due to what is shown on TV crime shows this impacts the viewers to believe that one little piece of evidence can do a lot when in reality in some cases it does not prove much at
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