The Similarities Between 'The Cay And Castaway'

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As Bear Grylls, the star of the television show “Man Vs. Wild”, will tell you, it is not easy to survive in the wilderness. However, this was a challenge that Phillip and Chuck, the characters in the book “The Cay” and the film “Castaway,” had to face. The stories tell the tale of survival, the inspiring and powerful depiction of marooned men desperately clinging on to their lives. Although “The Cay” and “Castaway” certainly differ, both protagonists face their challenges along with their companions, using similar survival skills in a classic man versus nature conflict. Both Phillip and Chuck had friends to give them support during their stay on the island. In “The Cay,” Timothy guided and protected Phillip, while Stew Cat provided comfort. Timothy taught…show more content…
The stories depict many kinds of violence, which the characters eventually overcome. In both stories, there is violence in the natural world. In “The Cay,” Phillip experiences the tempest, which takes Timothy away from him. Similarly, “Castaway” shows a horrific storm that crashes Chuck’s plane. The island’s strong, powerful tidal waves and storms often turn violent, inflicting injury on Chuck. Both stories also have violence in the characters’ relationships. In the beginning of the book, Phillip has a rough relationship with Timothy. They have arguments on the raft and Phillip ends up getting slapped in the face by Timothy after insulting him. Moreover, Chapter 3 illustrates arguments between his parents regarding safety. In “Castaway,” Chuck often has arguments with his volleyball friend and even throws Wilson out of the cave into the ocean during the night. However, in the end, Phillip and Chuck survive everything while their relationships with others are mended. Violent conflict is a constant in both stories that threatens the physical and mental well-being of the
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