The Cabin In The Woods Literary Analysis

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Background of Study
Literature represent a language or a people, culture and tradition. Literary means not only what is written, what is expressed, what is voiced, what is discovered, in whatever form. Kenneth stated that literature may be classified according to a variety of systems, including language, national origin, historical period, genre, and subject matter. In which case novels, dramas, stories, plays, and films are part of literature itself. In literature, culture, people and historical period relate to the tragedies of stories, the plays and the films. Klaler (2004:57) stated that films, and particularly video tapes, are like novels, which in theory can be repeatedly read, or viewed. Based on the oxford dictionary, Film is a story
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The sacrificial ritual has been "set" by the nameless organization and the sacrificial ritual require the death of five specific archetype such as: The whore, the athlete, the fool, the scholar and the virgin. The purpose of held sacrificial ritual is to prevent the ancient evil rise from the beneath of earth. But, the way and the creature that “offered” to Gods totally wrong. Then the guidelines of the ritual are: first, the nameless organization spying the victims and guide them to the “altar” which is the cabin itself. Then the victims decided themself how to be killed. In the cellar of cabin, there a lot of items that lead to their death like: ancient dairy book, weeding dress, puzzle sphere, music box, necklace, old movie reel and et cetera. Then, by the guidelines the first death is the whore, she slaughtered by zombies and her blood is flowing down into the altar that located beneath the cabin. Next the fool, he was dragged by zombie into the hole and his blood splattered. But, something wrong happen while the blood flowing into the altar, the ground was shaking. The third is the death of athlete, he died while he tried to look for a help and hit invisible wall. The fourth is the death of scholar. He died when driving a car, stabbed by knife while he and Dana trying to escape from the terror. The last is the virgin, the death of virgin is optional. As explanation below, the sacrificial ritual must be held properly with the right steps and the right creatures. The Cabin in The Woods film shows that the sacrificial goes

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