The Caddo Native American Culture

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Kua’at! That is a greeting in the Caddoan language. The Caddo Native Americans. Their name is derived from the Caddoan word Kadohadacho or “true chief”. The Caddo nation currently resides in Oklahoma. This tribe is originally from many different places, including Oklahoma. To learn more about the Caddos, you will read about their past, and their tribe today.
As aforementioned the Caddo had many places that they originally occupied. They’re originally from Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. They slowly developed cultures near major rivers in these areas. These cultures were earthen mound cultures. Their homes were traditionally made of grass and had a shape similar to a beehive.
Some of the other tribes that the Caddo tribe are connected with are the Osage, Comanche, Kiowa, and the Quapaw. The relation between these tribes and the Caddos varied at different points in time. Sometimes they had good relations with them at other points in time they fought in wars against each other. In fact, they made peace with each other so easily it surprised the Europeans that first met them. Native Americans didn’t fight for the same reason as Europeans. More often than not, they didn’t fight over land, but instead
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1000 through A.D. 1600, 1542 until 1800, and 1868 to 1874. The time period of A.D. 1000-1600 was when the Caddo nation hit its heyday, more hamlets, villages, and farmsteads were formed and, they changed from entire tribe traditions to more localized traditions. This time period was divided into three different time periods. The first is the early Caddo from A.D. 1000-1200. The second is middle Caddo from A.D. 1200-1400. The final is late Caddo from A.D. 1400-1600. In the early Caddo period the Caddo tribe reached its heyday, a time for a culture when it has wealth, power, and prestige. In the middle period the Caddo grew in size, therefore needing more villages, more farms, and more hamlets or small

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