The Cahill Dialectical Journal

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The Cahills were cornered by the Holts and the Holts ask for the clue but the Cahills were trying to stall. One of the Holts cannot take it any longer so he grabbed Dan by the neck and started to strangle him. Amy 's heart sank and she gave them the bag that the clue was in just to save her brother. Nellie found them and asked if they were okay and they said they were alright in a sad tone. Things were looking bad until luckily when they opened the bag the Cahill 'a cat ate the notes and the Holts leader raged and tried to get it out. Eventually the cat burped it up but it was all ruined so it could not be put to use. Then a conductor came to find what was going on and has confronted the Holts by telling them to show their ticket and eventually asked for the passport and told…show more content…
The Holts bolted out and the Cahills were safe. Even though the notes were gone Dan 's amazing photographic memory was put to use and wrote the notes as exactly as they were on a napkin. As the Cahill 's were dropped of at the next stop Ian and Natalie Kabra were spying on them seeing were they would go next. The Cahill 's entered there small hotel room at Franz Josef in Vienna. Amy and Dan tried the find what the clue meant so they looked up the name of this piece of music and found out that it was one of the ones that Mozart created before he died. Unfortunately it was not really that useful to look it up. I honestly really do not know what will happen next since the events this book can be unpredictable. Maybe they might find some useful
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