The Calcium Fallacy

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The Calcium Fallacy “Humans are creatures of habit and of predictable emotions - that preside over logic,” writes Robert R. Barefoot in Death by Diet. He refers to the fact that we human beings, even intelligent, scientific-minded ones, tend to stick to the status quo, even when it’s not valid and makes no sense. Hence, when new information threatens his/her previously held convictions, the average scientist (being human) can use all kinds of fallacious reasoning to controvert new information - especially if his/her livelihood is at stake. The history of the science that precedes medicine is always centuries behind where it ought to be, because it takes centuries for new information to be accepted by the established orthodoxy, and, right now,…show more content…
Parasympathetic Dominants who require calcium should only use the acid forms, such as calcium chloride or calcium aspartate. If alkaline forms of calcium are used, not only will the imbalance not be resolved, it could worsen. Fast Oxidizers and Sympathetic Dominants require an alkaline form of calcium (such as calcium citrate). In the autonomic types, calcium activates the sympathetic nervous system, acting as a stimulant. Sympathetic Dominants shouldn’t take it at bed time, but for Parasympathetic Dominants who wake up in the night hungry, calcium dampens the appetite, and taking it before bed can prevent them from getting too parasympathetic while sleeping. Calcium tends to have a sedating effect on the Fast Oxidizer, by slowing down the rate of oxidation. When the rate of oxidation is too fast, carbohydrates are burned too quickly, and, when this occurs at night, insomnia can result. Calcium supplementation before bed can prevent this. Calcium is acidifying in the Parasympathetic Dominant but is alkalizing in the Fast Oxidizer. So, it’s important that an acid form of calcium (calcium chloride) be used if you’re a Parasympathetic Type and an alkaline form (calcium citrate) if you’re a Fast

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