The Call Of The Wild Chris Mccandless Analysis

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Mccandless was a young man. 23 years old to be precise he wasn't your the typical adult. He wanted to find himself and was on his own odyssey where he was the main protagonist.

Some claim to have had the perfect childhood ,loving parents ,a happy home and whatever else they desired. Mccandless although he had many material possessions he did not find them to feel the void he had as a child. His parents were not very affectionate especially his father, who only seeked his son to be a wealthy and educated man. He expected the best from chris and would pressure him to be the best he could. Mccandless would only conform to his father's idealistic standards so that his father would not continue to nag him. Mccandless decided that after he finished his undergrad he would make his own destiny. He wMccandless was a young man. 23 years old to be precise, he wasn't your the typical adult. He wanted to
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He was no longer Chris Mccandless he was now Alex Supertramp. He would no longer shave his beard and began his journey to seek what he so longed for. He would get rid any and everything that reminded him of the resentment he felt towards his family but mainly his father. His father played a major role in him wanting to deviate from his family. Chris burned his money and left his car abandoned which was his initial plan but thing played out that way. He decided that to fulfill his journey he could not own a car or that would be considered cheating, according to his own policy. He states “The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences.”(krakauer 58) Chris wants to experience new things and wants to become his own self fulfilled prophecy. he wants to be the designated driver of his own life and be the only one responsible for his own mistakes. Chris sees that he can not live in a world that has so much violence hate and despise. He wants to live in a harmonious world where he is one with
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