The Call Of The Wild Rhetorical Analysis

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ry 1. Summary: In the first couple of paragraphs, Kingston is told by her mother the story of her aunt who killed herself and child in the family well. Her mother continues to tell her about how when her aunt was pregnant and it came to having the child the villagers came to attack them, wearing white. They threw rocks and eggs at the house before raided it with the blood of the animals they had murdered before. Her mother said that they stayed there waiting for them to leave as the aunt gave birth in the pigsty. Kingston’s mother warns her never to tell her father that she knows, this was a warning to her not to follow in her footsteps. Quote: “We say that your father has all brothers because it is as if she had never been born” Pg. 323 Response: This story gets right to the point fast. I understand with the culture in China, they don’t deal with disgrace well, but why was this women hunted…show more content…
Since she couldn’t ask her father she seemed make up scenarios. She believes that her aunt didn’t give up everything for sex, but that a man forced himself on her and then participated in the raid later on. She the went on the think that her met another man but then found out she was pregnant and step up the raid against her because he couldn’t have her. Kingston then begins to wonder why her mom told the story as if she had been there since in wasn’t part of the culture. She believes that her aunt just wanted to do her own thing. Quote: “She obeyed him; she always did as she was told.” Pg.326 Response: The story is getting really confusing, with Kingston’s scenarios about her aunt. Why is she thinking so much into her aunt, this story is a warning, and her thinking into it too much can be bad. I am getting more a sense of the Chinese culture by how then women must do whatever they are told. She brings up sex a lot, which probably is the reason her home was raided. Entry
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