The Call To Adventure: Refusal Of The Adventure

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The first step from the “Departure” is “The Call to Adventure”. It’s a mistake or accident that reveals an unsuspected world to the future hero. In the text, Campbell uses a well-known fairy tale as an example of this calling. A little princess lost her beloved golden ball by accident, and then a frog suddenly appeared and offered to help her get the ball back. According to Campbell, this frog is the signal of the beginning of an adventure. Another example from popular culture is the movie “Spiderman”, the protagonist is unexpectedly bitten by a spider. And this bite changes his body structure and raises the curtain on the age of a superhero called Spiderman . The second step from the “Departure” is “Refusal of the Call”, which is the main character refuses to give up his or her own benefit. Campbell brings up the story of King Minos to illustrate this idea. “King Minos retained the divine bull, when the sacrifice would have signified submission to the will of the god of this society; for he preferred what he conceived to be his economic advantage” (p.61). We can also see this “Refusal of the Call” in the disaster…show more content…
It means hero frequently refuse the responsibility that to renew the community or the ten thousand worlds. Campbell mentions “even the Buddha, after his triumph, doubted whether the message of realization could be communicated, and saints are reported to have passed away while in the supernal ecstasy” (p.127). This “Refusal of the Return” also appears in movie “Avatar”. Marine Jake Sully, the protagonist of “Avatar”, takes his brother’s place in a mission on the distant world of Pandora. There he learns humans’ intentions of driving off the native humanoid “Na’vi” in order to mine for the precious material scattered throughout their rich woodland. However, after Jake begins to bond with the native tribe, he decides not to come back the human world and help aliens fight against the greedy
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