The Campbell Soup Company (CSC)

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INTRODUCTION There are many variables to consider when a company is attempting to enter into a Market. Such variables depending on the company, are what products they offer, their population or audience, the market price of the goods they intend to manufacture and income are but a few variable that a company needs to consider when they are attempting to enter into a market. A company’s avenue of approach can have many influences within their target market, eventually allowing the company to expand into other markets. Within this paper, we will be discussing the Campbell Soup Company (CSC). We will observe the products they offer their consumers, what is their market, their recent prices, their revenue and historical profits. Additionally,…show more content…
The company was conceived in 1869 by a fruit merchant, Joseph Campbell and an icebox manufacturers, Abraham Anderson (Campbell, n.d.). in the beginning, the two entrepreneurs concentrated their efforts mainly on fruit jams; their first plant was established in Camden, N.J. Seven years later Anderson leaves the partnership and Anderson Campbell finds himself building a new partnership with Arthur Durance; this joint venture cements the Campbell Soup Company we know of today. Fast forward well over a century, you can find that the CSC has expanded into many different business ventures. They have moved from a fruit and Jams company to a company who introduced its first can of soup in 1895; thus establishing CSC as a company whose reputation and foundation has become synonymous with…show more content…
A company that has its modest start in jams and fruit abounded into many other facets of the food industry. As noted, according to Campbell’s soup website (n.d.), Campbell Soup, which:
Led by our iconic $2.1 billion Campbell’s brand, our portfolio extends beyond soup to foods such as Pepperidge Farm cookies and Goldfish crackers; Arnott’s, Kjeldsens and Royal Dansk biscuits; V8 beverages; Bolthouse Farms super-premium beverages, carrots and dressings; Plum premium organic baby food; Swanson broths; Prego pasta sauces; and Pace Mexican sauce.
Campbell Soup Company’s market…began with canned Soup, but, as noted above they since have branched out into other food markets. These food markets cover a variety of sectors within the food industry, from baby food to cookies and crackers, sauces and dressing to vegetables; primarily carrots.

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