The Canadian Parliamentary System

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In Canada, the parliamentary system features a single executive that represents the country’s majority, headed by the Prime Minister (PM). The Prime Minister’s responsibilities towards the citizens of Canada play a vital role in the Canadian society. In order to understand the great intensity of the power the PM possess, it is essential to understand the functions of the Canadian parliamentary system, and the ways in which the Power of the Prime Minister is excersized and controlled. This essay will demonstrate the degree of power which the PM possess, the constraints, and obligations attached to the position, and -if in any way- that power is taken advantage of, thus plaguing our parliamentary system.

As of November 2015, Canada is a Liberal
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Vertical accountability means that the government is accountable to its citizens and the protection of their rights and freedoms. Horizontal accountability makes certain that the government in power is restrained by other governmental institutions that keeps it regulated. Accountability is essential to ensure that the actions and decisions of the government public officials meet their objectives, keeping in mind the best interest of its citizens. A more concrete and fundamental system is essential in order for there to be constraints on the PM’s power in regards to policy changes, annual government tax spending and other important…show more content…
Trudeau is an exceptional example of a PM that contained great power. The up to date functions of the central power of government was reformed and highly influenced by the ways that Pierre E. Trudeau brought with him. “The Trudeau reforms did indeed attenuate the powers of strong ministers and strong line departments”, however it was simply an attempt to strengthen collective decision-making on important issues and policies, and as an outcome the PM’s hand of power, strengthened. Pierre E. Trudeau, had an substantial amount of power due to the influential people with him, like his pollsters whom gave him the best representation of what the people wanted from their Prime Minister in its most objective form as a possible. The reason why this is so crucial is because having public support and interest in hand and then using that to convey your proposed projects, is the best way to firstly establish oneself as a good representative of state, and be free to exercise that power to an extent.

Since the PM gets his power from the conventions of the responsible government, it is subject to its interpretation. For instance, to interpret them, the policy precedents built up over time based on the various political practices, work of scholars, and lastly the court rulings in applying precedents must be studied carefully. Although the Governor General has a lot of power individually, while at the same time assisting the PM, he/she follows the advice of the PM, in terms of when
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