The Canary Monologue

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Sweat pours down my armpits, and chest as the young bloods of Young Justice take on the unyeilding Black Canary. We throw everything we have at her, but she easily defeats us- through divide, and conquer. Stepping up to the plate, my instincts take hold of my body, and execute a backflip; just as BC 's roundhouse comes swerving in. Timed to perfection, I narrowly avoid the vicious attack, and land gracefully. Is she trying to seriously injure us? Damn... I think she is. My mind wanders, trying to figure out some obscure tactic to beat the bird.

Despite my best warnings, the duo of Kyle, and Conner keep on attempting a headlong assualt, ending with them swatted away like flies. Conner Kent- aka Superboy- charges in with a roar, to be met with
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When he was a Green Lantern- a guardian, and peacekeeper- his movements were erratic, and seemingly random, yet you could observe how he planned out each attack; purpose drove his imagination. Watching the hybrid lantern as of this moment, all I can spectate is a primal fury. One that is uncontrolled, and apparantely lacking direction. His hardlight constructs have superiorly less creativity on them, and more... instinctive. As though he is merely overseeing the battle, and his ring is doing the heavy…show more content…
To my shock, Kyle 's face contorts into an ugly expression of utter fury. Watch out BC, he 's mad. Even though I am concerned about what might happen if Kyle loses his cool, it would be awesome if we win this round. Leaping forward with a sinister tenacity, Kyle forms a mace, and swings directly for the base of her skull. Oh geez, that will kill her! Perhaps sensing my distress, Miss Martian telepathically yanks Kyle back from her position in the audience of three- Artmeis, Miss M, and Aqualad.

"Enough!" Kaldur cries out, no doubt witnessing the intent of our fellow hero. "Black Canary, we must stop this." he adds on, calmly. The expression on BC 's face says it all. She 's partly annoyed that he would order her (a senior member of the league) around, and, because she was enjoying herself.

"Why did you do that!?" Kyle soars over, and yells in Megan 's face. "I could have won!" he carries on with rant, now pointing at her menacingly. Feeling sorry for the alien, Artemis steps in, and shoves Kyle back a few steps. To which he replies by clenching his fists with an audible pop.

"Back off, jerk!" Artemis threatens with a deadly glare in Kyle 's direction. "Or, I will beat you to next week." she states viciously, maintaining her

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