The Canterbury Tales Vs The Pardoner's Tale

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Chaucer’s Best Story Essay In Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales, there are many entertaining values and moral lessons. In Geoffrey Chaucer's, The Canterbury tales, a group of pilgrims are journeying to the holy site of Canterbury. Due to the long journey, the host plans to start a contest between the pilgrims. Each pilgrim has to tell an entertaining story and the pilgrim with the most entertaining story wins a free dinner. After reviewing the two tales “ The Pardoner's Tale” and “ The Wife of Bath's Tale” told by Chaucer, one tale effects me the most. Out of the two tales, I believe “The Pardoner's Tale” has better moral values and is more entertaining than, “The Wife of Bath”. The first reason that makes”The Pardoner's Tale” effective is the…show more content…
In the pardoner's tales, the moral is how greed can destroy people. Whereas the moral in “The Wife of Bath Tale” applies to rape. In “The Pardoner's Tale”, Chaucer explains,“ No longer was it death those fellows sought, For they were so thrilled to see the sight, the gold was so beautiful and bright” (171-174). “And with that poison he could kill his friends. To men in such a state the Devil sends Thoughts of this kind, and has a full permission To lure them on to sorrow and perdition; For this young man was utterly content To kill them both and never to repent” (246-251). The temptation of greed ended up killing the three men at the end of the tale.”The Pardoner's Tale” provides a clear understanding that greed is a sin we all have to battle with in our lives, whereas the moral of the wife of bath's tale applies to people doing bad things. This tale teaches the reader a lesson about greed and how it can overcome people, making them do bad…show more content…
The opposing side believe that the morals apply to a larger audience and is more complex. Their argument can be disputed on for “The Pardoner's Tale” has a complex storyline that is more effective and entertaining. In “The Wife of Bath's Tale” it states, “yet you shall live if you can answer me: what is the thing that women really desire? Beware the axe and say as I require!” (80-81). “The Wife of Bath's Tale” has a more complex layout than the pardoner's tale. It bounces between events which leads to a stronger storyline. But even if one story i more complex than the other, it doesn't make it more
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