The Canterville Chase Character Analysis

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For many years ghosts have existed, and were known to scare man. However, in this story the tables have turned. The Canterville Chase is a short story written by Oscar Wilde in the turn of the 19th Century. The events take place in the Canterville Chase in an English Countryside. There are some primary characters and other secondary characters. Sir Simon de Canterville is considered the main character. He is the Canterville Ghost who has an internal conflict throughout the story. Miss Virginia E. Otis comes next and she is a little girl of fifteen who is lithe and lovely. She is also the one Otis member that did not hurt the Ghost. There are also the Otis twins who are the biggest trouble makers in the story. They kept tricking and insulting the…show more content…
These themes include mercy, life, death, and love. By him saying “prayer from out the lips of sin,” the importance of mercy and forgiveness is seen. On the one hand, him questioning life by saying “what is life,” shows that life might not always be beautiful. On the other hand, him saying “the garden of death,” it is shown that death can sometimes be the real key. Finally, his saying “for love is always with you and love is stronger than death,” the author makes the importance of love stand out. No matter what a person has done, they are human and deserve forgiveness and love. In conclusion, Oscar Wilde had written this story not only to entertain, but to show the important values shown in the themes. It teaches people the truth behind truth and death, and how love is stronger than both of them. The story also makes exaggerates American materialism. Wilde has done so in a satirical manner and by parodying the traditional ghost story to make it more interesting and appealing to the audience. The Canterville Ghost is a short story definitely worth reading, not only for its content, but also for its distinct writing
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