The Matrix Film Analysis

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In The Matrix, a science fiction film based in a post-apocalyptic world after a Terminator Scenario (Where machines attack humans) aligned event, the birth of a hero is shown. Nothing is what it seems in the Matrix, as it stands only as a device to distract people from realizing their cattle like existence, which is in essence an illustration of the ideology of Karl Marx, where reality and the way of life in the Matrix is maintained, oppressed, discovered, and eventually explained. There are various contrasts of simulated versus reality in the film, which make up two levels, which are used in a straightforward way to create a binary opposition by which they can be compared and contrasted. The powerful symbolism used in the movie portrays the…show more content…
The office blocks are unnaturally precise in terms of alignment, and even objects on desks appear to be arranged using a ruler, similar to the vertical and horizontal lines of computer coding that are observed throughout the film, which insinuates that the environment is computer controlled. Lighting inside the Matrix is unnatural, and indicates that the Matrix is an artificial environment. While in pursuit of Neo, the Agents keep composed, and scan the office blocks with unnatural precision, while Neo is panics and is hesitant, which is an obvious indicator of his human qualities, which is significant as it further insinuates the artificial intelligence of the Agents versus the human behavior of Neo. As Morpheus guides the panic stricken Neo toward escape, Neo becomes hesitant, his fear evident in his body language as he approaches the balcony and peers into the abyss below. A computer generated Agent may not have felt the same fear, as the Agents were merely computer generated figments. This reinforces Neo's essential human qualities, and creates a contrast against the Agents computer generated preciseness.

The scene uses mise-en-scene extremely effectively, and creates shallow and deep space and effective depth of field, or deep focus, which keeps the audience’s attention on the main subject of the scene. While Neo attempts to evade the Agents, high and low camera
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This use of special film techniques fully immerses the audience in The Matrix, which results in every turn of events having the audience on the edge of their seat, and begging for more. The Matrix, is usually not what it seems, and is able to be warped, which, from the outset, is evident in the film. The Capture Scene, in particular, is an excellent example of the hypothetical shackles which restrain the citizens of the contemporary world, and how regulated society is. The various techniques used in the Capture Scene are extremely significant as they effectively emphasize differences with regards to the human qualities of Neo, versus the artificial, computer generated qualities of the
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