Romeo And Juliet Narrative Report

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The Capulets and the Montagues. Two names you always hear together. Two names that can’t stand to hear the name of the other. Two names that will never be united. I work for the Capulets in their beautiful home filled with all sorts of fancy items. As I go about doing my duties, I overhear Capulet and Lady Capulet whispering about there being a fight with the Montagues yet again. Lady Capulet is saying, “Did you not hear what the Prince said? If you and your servants get in a fight again, you will be killed!” Apparently, the feud has finally gone too far. I, for one, don’t deeply care for the feud. I just hope it never gets to darling Juliet. I don’t know what I would do if she were to meet a Montague. Putting these thoughts aside, I focus on my orders. All the house is buzzing with excitement, for there is going to be a party tonight. Right before the feast, Lady Capulet calls Juliet…show more content…
Do you truly love her?”
“Of course! I swear, I love her!” He seems to be telling the truth, so I decide to believe him.
“What is your plan, sir?”
“Tell Juliet that the Friar will marry us this afternoon. As for you, go behind the abbey wall, and one of my men will give you a rope ladder that I will use to see Juliet. Hurry, Nurse! Go!”
I thank him and head towards the abbey wall. When I get there, I see a man carrying a large rope ladder in his arms, just as Romeo had said. I take it and set off to go tell Juliet the good news. I am still a bit worried about this marriage, but I know they both love each other greatly.
I get back to Juliet’s beautiful room to see her sitting on her bed anxiously. She wants me to tell her everything immediately. However, I decide to have a little bit of fun. “Hold on Juliet. I am out of breath, and my back aches terribly,” I say, trying to keep a smile off of my face. Juliet knows what I am doing and rolls her eyes at me.
“Come on! Just tell me already! Are we going to get married?
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