Death Of Juliet In William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet is a play about two people who fall in love with each other and eventually end up killing themselves. The whole story revolves around them and people who are of importance to the plot. Juliet’s parents butted into her relationships. They forced her to marry Paris even though they knew she wouldn't in the beginning. She even said she would marry Romeo instead of Paris vent though her and Romeo were already wed. The nurse and Friar Lawrence butted into their relationship also. They both supported and pushed towards it. Everyone who pushed and tried to make their relationship work should be punished even including the Capulets because none of them considered a bad ending.
The Capulets are partially to blame for Juliet's death.
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She knew who Juliet loved. The Nurse had been with Juliet since the day she was born. She cared for her and try to keep her happy and complete Juliet's desires. Juliet and the nurse's relationship really affected Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. The nurse did have second thoughts about Romeo when she found out he slain Tybalt, even when Juliet's father said she would have to marry Paris the nurse agreed with him because of Romeo's banishment. Without the nurse their relationship wouldn't have developed anything further than the night they had at the party. Same goes for the Friar and Romeo. They have a father and a son like relationship. Without the Friar Romeo wouldn't have been pushed to marry Juliet, he most likely would've ended up finding another beautiful girl and fall in love. The Friar and the Nurse were the only people striving for them to be together, but they didn't think about the consequences. They pushed and fought for something that was never meant to be from the start. The Friar had the perfect plan but Friar John couldn't deliver the letter just for the mere fact that he had to go visit a sick friend, but that is Shakespeare for you. At the end of the book the Friar had confessed his plan to the prince. You could tell he was wholeheartedly sad at the fact that their story ended in death, but i don't believe people were the only ones to
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