The Cardiovascular System: Circulatory System In The Human Body

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The Cardiovascular System (Known as circulatory system) is an important system within the human body which functions with specific organs such as the heart, blood vessels – including capillaries, veins, and arteries along with small blood vessels, and blood.
The cardiovascular system works by your inhaling process. As you inhale, the air goes towards your lungs. Since the air contains oxygen, your blood stream absorbs this through your lungs. The heart forces the ‘oxygenated’ blood through a range of connecting blood vessels specifically speaking arteries which travel around your body providing your cells with the necessary materials that the blood contains.
As the blood reaches your cells the oxygen is released in order for the cells to function. The cells then give out waste materials which can include co2 and water. In order for your blood to receive these waste products they absorb it. We now have deoxygenated blood which goes through your veins aiming towards your heart. The heart then proceeds by pumping deoxygenated blood back towards
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The lymphatic system is a network of small thin like tubes as well as nodes of lymph which travel around the body. The thin like tubes are named lymph vessels. The system is important as it has a great link towards the immune system as it is a part of it. It functions by eliminating bacteria as well as other infections even cancerous cells.
The tonsils, spleen thymus, and liver make up this system. The digestive system and the lymphatic system both produce liquid substances which consist of nutrients and the removal of waste. Since the circulatory system transports blood around the body there needs to be a system which removes waste material which is where the lymphatic system comes in. Absorbed unwanted materials get absorbed by muscles in which the lumph picks these materials and gets it towards the lymph nodes. At this point the material gets
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