The Care Quality Commission (REF)

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Audit observe practice on how the staffs works and the resources they use if its effective and appropriate, they also collect data to know if the organisation is meeting the standards they set REF.
Data can be from computerised records or manual collection. Audit gather feedbacks from the patients, family, carers and staffs to know if the service they are receiving or giving met the standard criterial set for the organisation. REF
Policy refer to a plan adopted by health care organisation to achieve a set of goals REF while standard are designed to assist health care organisation to deliver safe and high quality care to the patient REF and quality refer to a maximum standard of something that meets customer’s needs (Wicks and Roethlein
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Health care provider need to be open and transparent to the service user and the health care commissioner on how the service are. One way of doing this is to use relevant NICE guidance and quality standards to show where high quality care is being provided and highlight areas for improvement REF.
The care quality commission (CQC) was established in 2009 to independently regulate, monitor, rate and inspect health and social care services in England, Its duty is to register providers and managers who meet the legal requirement to offer health and social care service to the people. REF
CQC make sure the organisation meet the fundamental standards of quality and safety and also they have the right to publish what they find including performance rating to help people choose care. They also make sure people are getting safe, effective and compassionate high quality care from hospitals, care homes, ambulances and dentists. They also make sure people receive care in clean and safe environment.
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Before this action can be enforced there are different methods that will be taken into consideration for example, warning the organisation to improve on the service they are given. REF.
Failure to comply with the warnings from the CQC is a criminal offence and so may result in prosecution which can lead to fine, conditions, suspensions or cancellation of a registration. Which means the organisation won’t be able to offer service to the people or the community until they meet the national standard of safe environment, high quality care and services REF.
CQC make sure people voice are heard by listening and acting on peoples experiences. They take complaints seriously by improving the service and also by protecting the right of vulnerable people including those whose rights are restricted under the mental health act. REF.
One of the benefit that implement CQC is the benefit to the patient, patients are allowed to speak up on any issues they have. CQC make sure patient have confident in the service they are using and also making sure patient have clear information on the service they want to choose by providing rating across all service provider to make better choice on what organisation to
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