Personal Essay: Acting Is The Perfect Career

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The human mind is one of the most complex machines biology has ever created, nearly one hundred billion neurons surge signals back and forth to make every human themselves. The job of an actor is to portray a human being, taking into account all of the elaborate details that cause that human’s actions. I want to become a professional actor as it appeals to me more than any other career because I can comprehend and understand human emotion well. More specifically the job of an actor is to read and memorize the lines from a script and convincingly depict them. Virtually becoming another person, studying their actions and words to the point that you understand why they do everything they do. Actors may even fill in the gaps the script leaves…show more content…
As mentioned in the introduction I believe that I understand human emotion well, I have always enjoyed phycology and think it fits hand in hand with acting, as it is in the most simple form finding the reason for people's behavior. I also have been steadily increasing in my skill and knowledge about acting due to my dedication to it, and I do not think it will disappear. Therefore I believe acting is the perfect career for me. Although it is an unstable job, it is a very flexible field, offering hundreds of different experiences over an extensive period of time. As said on an article published by, “Experience is often vital to becoming successful in an acting career.” ("What Are the Education Requirements for a Career in Acting?"). Experience is altogether why colleges have students perform in multiple shows, and play different types of characters, to allow them to have experience outside of the real world and its complexities. The only way to make it into the world of acting is experience and auditioning. Auditioning for every show you have the ability to will increase your chances of getting a job, and knowing how to audition well will increase your chances. So I need to learn some techniques and strategies that will allow me to be more successful in auditioning. My sudden monumental amount of determination for acting sparked into life out of nowhere, when I was in the tenth grade, a
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