The Career Of Architecture: A Career In Architecture

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The career I have chosen to study is architecture, a career that must be put soul, heart and life to become a professional one day, as a career it lets you show your artistic skills. This career is not only responsible for designing and creating sketches that later will become a great construction. It’s well-known that before making a sketch it is necessary to think what it is the functionality of the idea and what will be the plan for the construction in its new space, meaning that if it would be helpful in its environment. I find it almost impossible to believe that a great construction has come from a simple thought of the imagination. However, some people say that 's how great ideas arise and how most beautiful creations have come to life. Being an architect is to be an exemplary artist, because you are not only able to work with your criteria but also can design receiving indications without neglecting the imagination, so this is why I say this career is in contact with people and their different ideals about specific topics. Architects can also be consider as being the arbiters of our future. Architecture has persisted as one of the most important reflections of culture, we can see that every famous building once created, is a clear mirror which reflects the story of the time and how culture wished to present in the future. Architecture exists in order to create the physical environment in which people will habituate. Build new forms of knowledge that relate to the
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