The Career Of Automotive Mechanics

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Your car breaks down , who fixes it? How do you find out what the problem is ? Your answer to that is an Automotive Mechanic! The career of Auto Mechanics is an interesting career because of the things you are able to learn and acquire to one 's knowledge. This research will describe the career of Mechanics and the impact it has on society and topics dealing with this career. Before cars were invented, people traveled by horses. When vehicles were made and were available just before the beginning of the 1900s car owners went to bicycle mechanics , blacksmiths to repair or fabricate parts. The motor wagon created by Karl Benz led to the first mechanics. Mechanics goes further back than the end of the nineteenth century.The first car tires were…show more content…
mechanics are able to relate well to customers. They must be able to identify problems and fix them with mechanical systems and electronic systems. Another skill needed is you must be detail oriented. Service mechanics account details when inspecting a vehicle or repairing an engine. Mechanics use complex diagnostic equipment on engine systems and components. They must be familiar with electronic control systems. Car mechanics inspect,repair and maintain vehicles . A great mechanic has a solid work ethic. He is committed to quickly solve and repair problems. A mechanic should be able to find the best solution in a limited amount of time Most mechanics work for dealerships. Mechanics interested in advancing in the profession have leadership skills and are able to take charge. Most dealerships focus on repair and maintenance . A mechanic must know how engine components and systems work . They have to know how to take apart major parts on a car and put them back on the…show more content…
Many mechanics go to car shows to show off their cars they either build or work on. Mechanics work full-time staying in the afternoon working,working overtime is common. Most mechanics have a higher rate of injury or illness than the national average . They must lift heavy parts and tools, minor workplace injuries like small cuts,sprains and bruises can happen. most service technicians work well- ventilated and well lit repair shops. Although automotive problems often can be identified and fixed with computer technicians frequently work with greasy parts and tools. The work environment is not dangerous if workers follow safety procedures.
There are many pros to being a mechanic. Mechanics may be paid either monthly or hourly or even both. As a mechanic you will be able to work on your personal car which means you will save money by doing the work yourself. The equipment required for a mechanic is costly, the majority of a mechanic 's wages will go towards your tools. As increasing numbers of individuals are not purchasing new vehicles their older cars need more repairs and maintenance. by entering this field,you can expect to always have a place to work provided that you possess the essential
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