The Carnesious Short Story

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A long time ago there was a guy named Carnesious. Carnesious was the son of Zeus and Marry. Carnesious had a power to be really strong, but he did not know that. He also didn’t know that his father was Zeus. “ I will tell you who your father is if you can swim to Chuna and back with a 30 pound rockon your rock.” One Day Carnesious decided to swim to Chuna and back with a 30 pound rock on his back. When he started he thought it was going to be easy. When he was half way there he started to sink but something Really weird happened. The water had formed a wave and he was floating on top of it. His mom new that he would not die, but when he came home she was amazed. He was not wet, tired, or cold. “Your father is Zeus, the god of gods.” Surprisingly he was not surprised When he had swam he knew that it was going to be a god. He wanted to meet his dad but he knew that would not happen, so he was very mad. He was so mad that he hid in a cave for four years. When Carnesious finally came out he moved a 900 pound boulder to save his mom. He was so happy at this moment that he had super…show more content…
Carnesious pulls out his sword. One of the cyclops Swings his fist and misses. Carnesious stabs it in the hand. The cyclops picks him up with the sword stuck in his hand and throws him into a tree, but the armor made Carnesious feel no pain. Carnesious is mad so he takes his ax out, runs up a tree and nails the cyclops in the eye with the ax. The cyclops drops to the ground and takes out the smallest one with him. The third one he throws his ax and hits it in the eye. But it does not drop. Carnesious stabs it in the foot. The cyclops goes down to hold his foot. When he does that Carnesious jumps up and stabs him in the eye. He has three cyclops left so Carnesious picks up a tree and nails them in the head with it. It knocks them all out.Carnesious’s quest was to kill all six of them, so he stabs the last three in the eye to kill
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