Ashley And Jaquavis Analysis

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Ashley & JaQuavis is the writing team of Ashley Antoinette and JaQuavis Coleman, the youngest African American authors to make the New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestselling lists twice. The writing duo made their name when they were aged only seventeen when they were discovered by Carl Weber, a New York Times bestselling writer. It was during their college years as freshmen that they both got publishing deals from independent publishing houses and began publishing novels individually and later as Ashley & JaQuavis. The Cartel that was published in 2009 was their breakout novel as it turned out to be a smash hit setting the two up as some of the best novelists in the street literature fiction genre. As Ashley and JaQuavis they have written more than twenty blockbusters that continue to thrall their fans across the globe. They have been featured on many prestigious magazines that include the likes of Don Diva, King, XXL, Vibe, and Essence. Setting a…show more content…
The story tells of the reason she fell so hard for her enemy Jones Carter, and the reason she is so coldhearted and ruthless. Murder the capable, confident and protective leader of the Murda Mamas shows her motherly nature as she protects her crew from all manner of danger and provides for them. The novel also references Mecca the little insane character with a terrible secret about Monroe his twin brother and a twisted tale that could end in all manner of unpredictable fashion. Dealing with romance, the novel also tells the story of Zyir and Breeze who find themselves heartbroken and unable to love each other due to circumstances outside their control. The novel also reintroduces the love story between Miamor and Carter. It portrays the bruised and broken Miamor who finds comfort from the love of Carter Jones as they finally reveal who they really are and accept each
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